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OPT 1-1 LIVE Online course 3- Part Treatment Plan for Oral Placement Therapy

OPT 1-1  LIVE Online course  3- Part Treatment Plan for Oral Placement Therapy

Sara Rosenfeld- Johnsonin luoman Oral Placement Therapy menetelmien opiskelu alkaa tästä kurssista...

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Kirja -OPT for Speech Clarity & Feeding book

Kirja -OPT for Speech Clarity & Feeding book

Oral Placement Therapyn (OPT) perusoppikirja  - kts. myös 2502 Harjoituskirja/ Homework...

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OPT 2-1 Assessment and Program Plan Development LIVE ONLINE

OPT 2-1  Assessment and Program Plan Development LIVE ONLINE

 Kurssi  on  pidetty viimeksi 16-17.3.2022 . Uusi kurssi järjestetään, kun...

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OPT 2-1 kurssikirja - Leuan harjoittaminen / Jaw Book-Assessment & Treatment of the Jaw (Soft Cover)

OPT 2-1 kurssikirja - Leuan harjoittaminen /  Jaw Book-Assessment & Treatment of the Jaw (Soft Cover)

15%:n alennus OPT 2-1 kurssille osallistujalle !!!   By: Sara Rosenfeld-Johnson, MS,...

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OPT 2-2  Sensory Processing And Speech: Making The Connection (approx.3h)  online
Talk Tools on päivittänyt OPT 2 tasoa siten, että siihen kuuluu nyt kaksi erillistä kurssia - Talk Tools has added another compulsory OPT 2 course  - you get this free, when you buy OPT 2-1 or OPT 3 courses
OPT 2-1  Assessment and Program Plan Development,
Sensory kurssi  on ilmainen myös OPT 3 koulutukseen hyväksytyille ja kurssi tulee olla suoritettuna ennen OPT 3 kurssia
OPT 2-2  Sensory kurssin voi suorittaa omassa tahdissaan - aikaa on 1 vuosi. Kurssitodistuksen saa, kun vastaa hyväksytysti seurantakysymyksiin: Acces to this course is 1 year - you get a certificate after answering to survey questions.
Course Description:
This practical course focuses on how the sensory system impacts speech and feeding. Participants will learn to understand typical vs. atypical reactions to sensory input, how to assess sensory processing disorders, and how to apply sensory integration methods in a therapy session to achieve self-regulation.
Learning Outcomes:
Participants will be able to:
Describe the 8 senses and what is typical vs. atypical.
Understand the hidden senses and impacts on daily life.
Define sensory processing disorders.
Develop a sensory regulation plan.


Apraxia kurssi järjestetään syksyllä 2022 , mikäli kiinnostusta on riittävästi - OTA YHTEYS

A Sensory Motor Approach to Apraxia of Speech

Opettaja: Renee Roy Hill, MS, CCC-SLP, COM®️


This presentation focuses on treatment of clients diagnosed with apraxia of speech and related motor speech disorders. Many of these clients do not respond to the traditional auditory and visually-based motor speech techniques. Often because other co-existing issues are not addressed including oral sensory deficits, feeding deficits, and oral placement deficits, making differential diagnosis an important assessment component.

This course demonstrates how activities which utilize a tactile approach (OPT), in conjunction with auditory and visually-based apraxia therapy techniques, can improve speech clarity in clients diagnosed with apraxia of speech.

Additionally; childhood apraxia of speech is defined (along with other motor impairments), treatment goals including a muscle-based approach, sensory, OPT, and feeding are discussed, and strategies for implementing a multi-modality motor speech program are provided.


Upon completion, participants will be able to:  
  • Define childhood apraxia of speech along with subsequent motor speech impairments that may also be present.
  • Identify when a muscle-based approach is appropriate in a treatment plan.
  • Describe how oral placement activities through structured repetition improve muscle skill and teach muscle memory.
  • Explain how using a multi-sensory tactile approach is used with clients to transition from OPT to facilitate speech production.
  • Identify strategies for planning and implementing a multi-modality motor speech program.

OPT 3 Oral Placement Therapy for Professionals Working with

Individuals with Muscle-Based Speech and Feeding Deficits  

Level 3 and Level  4 Grads = Certified OPT Level Therapists

3-päivän virtuaali kurssi omalta tietokoneeltasi.  Opettaja: Monica Purdy tai Renee Roy Hill Hinta-arvio n. 2500€ sis alv - kurssille otetaan  vain 8 opiskelijaa hakemusten perusteella.

Ilmoitathan alustavan kiinnostuksesi (6 kiinnostunutta tällä hetkellä) joten ensimmäinen Opt 3 kurssi alkaa häämöttää .  Kurssitodistus.

Please contact if you are interested to take your knowlegde of Oral Placement Therapy techniques further to  level 3 and/or  4.

Talk Tools accepts only 8 participants according to their applications to this 3-day virtual course ( from your work/home computer).

Price is not set yet, but it will be round 2500€ / person - at this point there are 6 therapists interested, so the first course is at sight.



6-12 months of implementation before moving to next level, application process is 3 months)

Optimize OPT techniques while improving evaluation and program planning


Level 1 & 2 Completion: 

-OPT 1-1   3-Part Treatment Plan or Oral Placement

-OPT 1-2   Feeding Therapy: A Sensory Motor Approa

-OPT 2-1   Assessment and Program Plan Development

-OPT 2-2   Sensory Processing And Speech: Making The Connection



  • Level 3, a live online 3-day immersive training with live evaluations
  • Application involved
  • Test afterwards
  • Cost:  round 2500€ (Finland)


  • Comprehensive training including case studies to optimize OPT techniques
  • Broaden evaluation and program plan expertise
  • Your increased knowledge will set you up for success within your practice
  • Increased understanding of roles and how to be part of an inter-disciplinary team
  • Access to the broader TT Therapist Team
  • Find a Therapist designation on the TT website
  • Working knowledge applicable to COM/OP/etc certification
  • 3.0 ASHA/AOTA CEUs
  • TalkTools® LEVEL 3 ADVANCED Application
    Please take a few minutes to CAREFULLY review the required steps below before applying for TalkTools® LEVEL 3 ADVANCED Professional Training:

    1. SUBMIT LEVEL 3 ADVANCED Application for review and approval -- TalkTools® Team will provide application approval status within 14 business days of submission
    2. Upon application approval, TalkTools® Team will provide access to LEVEL 3 ADVANCED Exam
    3. SUBMIT LEVEL 3 ADVANCED Exam submission -- TalkTools® Team will notify applicants of exam results and acceptance status within 10 business business days of exam submission
    4. Submit REQUIRED 500 € DEPOSIT within 10 business days of notification of acceptance to LEVEL 3 ADVANCED Training
    5. Complete the following online (MANDATORY) course - TalkTools® Team will provide access to course(s) upon receipt of deposit:
    -- Jaw Stability & Speech Clarity
    6. Submit FINAL PAYMENT (remaining balance) within 45-60 days of selected LEVEL 3 ADVANCED Training date