ARK's proSqueezer huulten ja leuan harjoitussetti / ARK's proSqueezer™ Lip & Jaw Exerciser Set

ARK's proSqueezer huulten ja leuan harjoitussetti  / ARK's proSqueezer™ Lip & Jaw Exerciser Set
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Suunniteltu helpottamaan puremista ja huulten sulkemista. V mallinen haarukka antaa vastusta harjoittelussa  - keltainen vähemmän (aloita tällä) , oranssi enemmän. Pituus 19,5 cm, haarukan kärkiväli  n. 3,2 cm.  Saatavana myös Z-Vibe kärkinä.

Kestää konepesun kauempana lämmönlähteestä (koneen yläosissa) ja mielellään ilman kuivatusohjelmaa. 

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Invented by Angeliki Xygka, BSc / MSc, SLP and developed by ARK, the proSqueezer is an oral motor tool specifically designed to facilitate biting skills and lip closure.  The V shape provides resistance as you squeeze it - perfect for exercising the jaw and/or lips.

The proSqueezer comes in a set of two difficulty levels: yellow (easier) and orange (harder).  Start with the yellow proSqueezer and eventually progress to the orange one.  The orange one provides more resistance for increased difficulty.

Angeliki is a speech and language therapist, myofunctional therapist, and SI therapist based in Athens, Greece with over 25 years of experience, specializing in Apraxia, speech and language delay, stuttering, feeding therapy, and tongue thrust therapy.  Be sure to check out the video above where she demonstrates how to use these unique tools.    

An excellent addition to any oral motor tool bag!

  •   usa-flag.jpg Made in the USA, medical grade, FDA compliant
  •   No BPA, PVC, lead, phthalates, or latex
  •   Each tool measures about 7.5" long and 1.3" at the widest part
  •   Dishwasher-safe (no drying cycle or added heat)
  •   Sold in a set (1 yellow and 1 orange tool)
  •   Also available separately as tip attachments for the Z-Vibe
  •   Patent pending

triangle.jpeg Caution: this therapeutic tool should be used under adult supervision at all times.


  1. Place the proSqueezer in front of the mouth and ask the individual to bite down 5 times using the front teeth.  Then bite and hold for up to 5 seconds.
  2. Place the proSqueezer in between the premolars to one side.  Ask the individual to bite down 5 times.  Then bite and hold for up to 5 seconds.
  3. Repeat on the other side of the mouth.
  •   Place the proSqueezer in front of the mouth and ask the individual to squeeze the lips closed 5 times (using only the lips, no teeth).
  •   Then ask them to squeeze and hold for up to 5 seconds.



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