TalkTools® Functional Assessment and Remediation of TOTs™ Combo package LIVE ONLINE 7-8.12.2023

TalkTools® Functional Assessment and Remediation of TOTs™  Combo package LIVE ONLINE 7-8.12.2023
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Tämä yhdistelmäkurssi on seuraavaksi tarjolla: Joulukuussa 7-8.12.2023 klo 16:00-23:00  Suomen aikaa

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- Functional Assessment of TOTs   tai

- Functional Remediation of TOTs

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Lori L. Overland MS CCC-SLP, C/NDT, CLC, FOM

Course Description

TalkTools® virtual streaming workshops and webinars are recorded. Recorded presentations are available for 2 days after the dates posted and accessible only to learners who purchased a seat for this course. 


Tethered Oral Tissue(s) or TOTs is a topic that has been more frequently discussed in the fields of lactation, speech pathology, oral surgery, orofacial myology, and otolaryngology. Organizations such as the International Association of Orofacial Myology (IAOM) and the Academy of Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy (AOMT) have been highlighting this diagnosis and implications for therapy and surgery. There are three forms of TOTs: buccal, labial, and lingual. Lingual TOTs is most commonly known as “tongue-tie” or “ankyloglossia”. The Mayo clinic in 2016 indicated that tongue-tie can affect the way a child eats, speaks and swallows, and can interfere with breastfeeding.

One of the driving factors in the increased interest in TOTs stems from current research linking sleep apnea to a short lingual frenulum, in addition to the increase awareness of the importance of breastfeeding. With this topic comes some controversy, and speech pathologists are often left confused in their own role of diagnosing and treating TOTs.

This course explores the functional assessment of TOTs and reviews current well-respected assessment tools which describe structure. With these tools, Lori and Robyn have developed the Merkel-Walsh & Overland TOTs Protocol which looks at structure, oral motor function, pre-feeding, feeding, and speech. Participants will learn to use this tool to identify the possible need for a TOTs referral, and the functional impact this diagnosis may have on feeding and speech. Their unique style of “task analysis” is a practical strategy for assessment that is immediately carried over into developing a treatment program for neuro-muscular re-education.

Participants will learn through the concept of task analysis the specific ways in which TOTs impacts the oral motor and oral placement skills for breast, bottle, cup, straw, and solid feedings in addition to speech sound production. Videos and live practicums with attendee participation will provide therapeutic intervention tasks that participants can implement with their clients immediately. The importance of pre and post-surgical therapy will be discussed, and surgical techniques will be explored so that therapists maybe have a better understanding of the current research across disciplines on an international level.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will be able to:


  • List three forms of TOTs.
  • Identify at least 3-5 functional impacts of TOTs on feeding skills.
  • List at least 3 speech sounds that may be affected by TOTS.
  • To list at least 2 professionals that should be consulted if TOTs is suspected after a functional assessment.

Functional Assessment of TOT's (Tethered Oral Tissues = TOTs)

Practicum SKU: 3806 

Virtual & In-Person

(1) 5 Step TOTs Screening Tool Pamphlet/Brochure

(1) TOTs Structure Pamphlet/Brochure

(2) Non flavored Tongue Depressor  maustamaton kielilasta
(1) Bag of Veggie Straws  kasvistikku ontto - vauvanruokaosastoilta
(1) LinguaSTIK
(1) Red bite block   purutikut punaiset verkkokaupasta

Functional Remediation of TOT's

Practicum SKU: 3804 

Virtual & In-Person

(1) 5 Step TOTs Screening Tool Phamplet/Brochure

(2) Non flavored gloves
(1) 8oz paper cup with lid
(1) Bag of Veggie Straws
(1) Toothie
(1) Box of Cheerios
(1) Non Flavored Tongue Depressor
(1) C Straw
(1) Dum Dum Lollipop
(1) Horn #1
(1) Red bite block

Lori L. Overland MS CCC-SLP, C/NDT, CLC, FOM

Robyn Merkel-Walsh, MA, CCC-SLP, COM®️