WEBINAR | Lunch & Learn with Vanessa: The Power of the Jaw - ZOOM Webinaari Pe 4.8.2023 klo 21-23:00 Suomen aikaa

WEBINAR | Lunch & Learn with Vanessa: The Power of the Jaw  - ZOOM Webinaari Pe 4.8.2023  klo 21-23:00 Suomen aikaa
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Vanessa Anderson-Smith, MA, CCC-SLP, COM®   ZOOM Webinaari perjantaina 4.8.2023  klo 21-23:00 Suomen aikaa

Course Description

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Course participants will learn how the jaw impacts the movement and stability, grading, and dissociation of the muscles of the oral cavity. How much strength and stability the jaw has will provide for increased precision with movement for the lips, cheeks, and tongue. This is foundational for speech, oral rest posture, and proper swallowing. Topics in this presentation will include anatomy, growth and development of the jaw, and exercises on how to optimize function.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will be able to: 


  • Explain why targeting jaw stability is essential in obtaining long term myofunctional goals.
  • Identify patients who have poor jaw stability.
  • Explain a minimum of 3 different jaw stability exercises to implement with patients.
  • Describe contraindications when implementing jaw exercises.
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