Apraksia putket /Apraxia Tactile Tubes

Apraksia putket /Apraxia Tactile Tubes
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Take a multisensory approach to the m/p/b phonemes with this set of tools"

This speech therapy program, developed by TalkTools Instructor and apraxia expert, Renee Roy Hill, MS, CCC-SLP, is ideal for transitioning clients with motor-planning deficits from Oral Placement activities to speech production. The three sets of tools provide tactile cueing for specific sounds -- /m/, /p/, /b/, /oo/, /oh/, /ee/, /ih/, /eh/, /uh/ and /ah/, so clients can feel where the articulators should be during speech production. When combined with verbal and visual cues, they provide a multisensory approach to facilitating speech.

A great tool to teach beginning speech sounds!

The Apraxia tubes are a “go to” for children who need extra sensory input when forming lip rounding for /oo/ (boo!) and /oh/ (go!) sounds. It’s hard for children with low muscle tone and strength to pucker. These have helped many children on my caseload to achieve these sounds beautifully! I usuallly use them in conjunction with the bite tube hierarchy, straw and horn hierarchies. They are awesome! Thanks Renee for the Apraxia course too! It helped me to understand how to use them!