Kirja:The Key to Carryover: Change Oral Postures

Kirja:The Key to Carryover: Change Oral Postures
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Carryover—the wonderful experience of hearing a child consistently use his or her newly acquired speech sounds in conversation—isn’t easy.

Sad, but true, some children remain in speech therapy longer than they should.  Even when the child can say the “new sound," he/she fails to progress into the conversation level.  Ugh.  It’s frustrating for everyone.  So what can be done?

As a therapist, I have a suggestion.  In fact, I’d say that it’s “The Key to Carryover."

There is a little-known, highly effective solution that’s easy to integrate into therapy.  It centers on what the tongue is doing—when it’s doing nothing.

How can this be helpful?  Because of one critical principle:  Where the tongue rests is where it speaks.  When the tongue learns to comfortably rest on top in “the speech zone,” it can easily and consistently access all speech sounds.

The Key to Carryover is an easy-to-teach action plan that provides full analysis, interpretation, and step-by-step therapy that instills the new resting postures for consistent and correct speech positioning, production and control.  Written by Char Boshart, M.A., CCC-SLP.  (111 pages)