Talk Tools lusikkasetti Itsy / TalkTools® Itsy™ Spoon Set sininen

Talk Tools lusikkasetti Itsy / TalkTools® Itsy™ Spoon Set  sininen
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Talk Toolsin Itsy lusikkasetti sisältää sileä- ja kuviopintaisen lusikan itsenäiseen ruokailuun siirtymisen eri vaiheisiin. Kuviopintainen lusikka pitää ruoan hyvin paikallaan ja sopii lapselle joka kaipaa enemmän tuntumaan mutustellessaan lusikkaa. Lusikka on ergonomisesti juuri pienen lapsen käteen suunniteltu  - siihen on helppo tarttua ja turvarengas kahvan ympärillä varmistaa, ettei lusikan kuppiosa kosketa pöytää (hygienia). Itsy - sarja  on toiminta- ja puheterapeuttien ja heidän pienten asiakkaittensa testaamia ja niissä on huomioitu myös lapset,  joilla on erilaisia neurologisia, fyysisiä tai kehityksellisiä haasteita itsenäiseen ruokailuun siirtymisessä.

TalkTools® is known across the globe for tools, training and techniques developed and tested by speech and feeding professionals that provide evidence-based, next-day solutions for therapists and the families they serve. The Itsy™ Collection is no different. It is an inclusive feeding set inspired by TalkTools® founder, Sara Rosenfeld Johnson, and designed and tested by speech-language pathologist-occupational therapist teams and their clients. It is the most comprehensive feeding platform for promoting self-feeding, including babies who may have challenges with transitioning to self-feeding (i.e., sensory processing, neurological, physical or developmental differences).

Baby-led weaning is an essential developmental stage for a baby. The TalkTools®  Itsy™ Spoon Set includes two spoons -- textured and smooth -- to accommodate where the baby is on their self-feeding journey. Ergonomically designed, the Itsy™ Spoon set allows your child to practice their grasping and fine motor skills.

Benefits and Features:

  • Flexible but sturdy bowls offer safer self-feeding
  • Guard flange has a stop-roll feature and keeps bowl clean by elevating it above the eating surface

We designed 2 spoons to meet different stages and skill levels for beginning eaters.

Textured Spoon

  • textured, grooved bowl provides additional sensory input and holds food in place
  • sloped bowl safely channels food into the mouth
  • symmetrical, bulb-shaped handle proportionally designed to encourage independent grasping and holding

Smooth Spoon

  • smooth, shallow bowl limits portions, encourages safe self-feeding
  • curved, bulb-shaped handle promotes grip control and arm-wrist rotation

Product Specifications 

  • No BPA, BPS, PVC, Phthalates, or other potentially harmful toxins.
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe.
  • Helps prevent food odors or flavors from sticking.
  • Durable for long-lasting use.
  • Performs best between 32° - 212° F (0° - 100° C).
  • Made entirely out of LFGB Platinum grade silicone, exceeding FDA standard