Maroon lusikka iso / Maroon Spoon Large

Maroon lusikka iso / Maroon Spoon Large
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Matalakuppinen lusikka syömisen ja suunliikkeiden harjoitteluun - saatavana kahta eri kokoa.


The Maroon Spoon™ is a favorite for many therapists providing feeding therapy. Regular store-bought spoons have bowls that are either too wide or too deep.  This means that the spoon tends to get overloaded with food - way too much to orally manage in one bite. But the Maroon Spoon™ feeding tool is just the right size! Not too shallow, not too deep, with an appropriate width. Perfect for working with children with problems such as poor lip closure, oral hypersensitivity, or tongue thrust.

  •   usa-flag.jpg Made in the USA
  •    FDA compliant, no latex, lead, BPA, or phthalates
  •    Each spoon measures 5.75" long
  •    The small bowl measures approximately 1.25 x .5" (L x W)  
  •    Dishwasher-safe
  •    NOT recommended for individuals with a bite reflex