TalkTools® OPT 1-1 LIVE Online course 3- Part Treatment Plan for Oral Placement Therapy

TalkTools® OPT 1-1  LIVE Online course  3- Part Treatment Plan for Oral Placement Therapy
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Kurssi  on  pidetty viimeksi 25-26.10.2022 . Uusi kurssi järjestetään, kun riittävästi kiinnostuneita on ilmaantunut -  hinta ilmoitetaan, kun uutta kurssia suunnitellaan. Jätä tietosi osoitteeseen  ja saat tietoa automaattisesti,  kun kurssi olisi jälleen järjestymässä - tiedoituslistalla mukana oleminen ei ole vielä sitova ilmoittautuminen.
Sara Rosenfeld- Johnsonin luoman Oral Placement Therapy menetelmien opiskelu alkaa tästä kurssista - voit ottaa heti kurssilla opitut tekniikat käyttöön työssäsi.
Kurssi  käydään All In Traden Zoom koulutusalustalla - suora yhteys opettajaan  USA:ssa on varmistettu kolminkertaisella yhteydellä. Saat välitöntä apua mahdollisiin teknisiin ongelmiin kurssin aikana, sekä mahdollisuuden testata tietokoneesi sopivuuden  live online koulutukseen ennen kurssia (0€). Kurssi alkaa alkuiltapäivästä  ja loppuu n. klo 20:00 molempina päivinä -  
This is the very first Oral Placement Therapy course in the OPT course series - you will learn technics you can use in your work immediately. You are wellcome to test your computer in All In Trade's Zoom education platform before the course, if you wish and you will get technical support right away in case needed during the course. The direct live connection to the teacher  in USA  is triple secured. The course will start early in the afternoon ( to be determined) and lasts 6h / day, + breaks - this will be updated later. You can buy this course, by clicking button OSTA or email your binding registration to:
Course Description

This introductory course to OPT (Oral Placement Therapy)​ is the foundation for TalkTools training and is integrated throughout all of our courses. OPT is a type of oral-motor therapy that targets specific movements needed for speech and feeding. The "3 parts" of OPT are: auditory and visual sensory systems COMBINED WITH tactile -- and propioceptive -- sensory systems. TalkTools training applies a unique, hierarchical approach to OPT, focused on a measurable, results-driven path for both therapists and clients across all ages and diagnoses with the goal of:

  • speech clarity
  • improved feeding
  • independence
  • improved QUALITY OF LIFE

This interactive, hands-on course includes highly motivating activities targeting the abdomen, velum, jaw, lips and tongue. Techniques learned can be readily implemented across many therapy environments -- private practices, hospitals, schools and home.

Learning Outcomes

The participant will be able to:

  1. Assess oral placement/feeding/speech problems based on muscle systems.
  2. Integrate hierarchies for motor dissociation and grading (jaw-lips-tongue).
  3. Develop programs of therapeutic intervention to address physiological and motor-based speech disorders.
  4. Apply at least 10 new therapy techniques.
  5. Demonstrate oral placement techniques to improve individual speech clarity and production.